We are getting married in Jen’s hometown of Lubec, Maine, the easternmost town in our great nation.  As they say, it’s not the end of the earth, but you can see it from there!

The wedding ceremony and reception will be at Quoddy House, the easternmost private residence in the US.  It is the last driveway on the left on the way to Quoddy Head State Park.

For those coming from out of state, we recommend flying to Bangor (BGR) or Portland (PWM) and then driving to Lubec or taking West Bus to Whiting (10 minutes from Lubec).  It’s about 8 hours’ drive from Boston, so while flights into BOS may be cheaper, it adds a lot of travel time.  Here are some recommended methods of travel:

From Boston (~8 hours total to Lubec): Take Concord Coach to Bangor ($75 R/T) and then carpool/drive.

From Portland (~4 hours to Lubec): Take Concord Coach to Bangor ($42 R/T), then carpool/drive.

From Bangor (~2.5 hours to Lubec): carpool/drive OR get there by 3pm and take West Bus Service to Whiting ($36 R/T)

Some other useful information:  Greyhound will also get you to Bangor, but it’s slower than Concord and they don’t show movies!  West Bus is a real service – it’s pretty local, but if you can get to Whiting, we can arrange pick-up.   They pick up in Whiting at 10:20 in the morning going TO Bangor.  There is a large Hannaford’s grocery store in Machias (about half an hour from Lubec) so if you’re driving through there, it’s a good place to stop.  There is a smaller grocery store in Lubec, but they don’t have a lot in the way of produce.   Driving directions from Bangor are below.  If you’re driving up at night, please be very careful of moose and deer, which appear on the road at the most inopportune times.   Please write down or print out these directions before you leave; cellphone coverage is spotty at best in this area!

Driving from Bangor

  • Get thee to Bangor, Maine.  Below is the easier/shorter way via Rt.9 route; if you want to go through more towns you can take the route through Ellsworth. Note that Google thinks this is a longer route; Google is wrong – Rt. 9 was repaved several years ago and now it takes the same time or less than taking Rt. 1, especially during Winnebago season.
  • From Portland or other points south, take I-95 North to exit 182A, to I-395 East. From I-395, take exit 4 for ME-15 S/ South Main St. towards Rt 9 East and Brewer. Bear right off the exit so that you’re going North on Rt. 15.  Rt 15 becomes Rt. 9.
  • From the Bangor International Airport, go out the main exit road to Union St.  Go right onto Union St.  You will cross I-95, State St. (which goes into downtown Bangor), and the Penobscot River.  Shortly after you go over the river, go left at the traffic light on South Main St.  You are now on Rt. 15, which becomes Rt. 9.
  • Whichever way you got to Rt. 9, stay on it for ~65 miles. (Stop for a lobster roll and an ice cream cone at Mace’s Snack Bar, about 30 miles in on Rt. 9, on the right.)
  • Once you pass the turnoff to Rt. 193 (to Deblois), keep an eye out for Rt. 192 (to Machias.)
  • Take a right onto Rt. 192 (at the top of a big hill) and go ~20 miles into Machias.
  • In Machias, Rt 192 will hit Court St, which is also Rt. 1A. Go left onto Rt. 1A.
  • Follow Court St. down to where it T’s into Rt. 1 and go left. Helen’s Restaurant will be coming up on your right; their pie is legendary.
  • Stay on Rt.1 for 16 miles into Whiting. There will be a millpond on the right. After the pond, take a right onto Rt. 189 towards Lubec. If you go by the Whiting Village Store (which has no sign, but it’s the only gas station for many miles), you missed the turn.
  • From the 189 turnoff in Whiting, it is 11 miles into Lubec.
  • South Lubec Rd, which goes out to Quoddy Head (wedding site, on-site lodging), is a right turn marked by a big sign for Quoddy Head State Park.  If you get as far as Uncle Kippy’s restaurant, you missed the turn.  It’s about 3 miles from Rt. 189 to Quoddy House.
  • To get to the Plaut’s: From the 189 turnoff in Whiting, it is 2.7 miles to Timber Cove Rd. It’s at the top of a little hill; take a left just before the cemetery, which has a galvanized steel fence around it.
  • Follow Timber Cove Rd 1.5 miles to Moore Rd. Go left onto Moore Rd. and follow it for less than a mile. Where the pavement ends there’s a sign for Timber Cove Heirlooms – that’s Walter Plaut’s advertising reaching the masses. Turn left up that driveway and you made it!
  • NOTE: if you want to Mapquest or Google Map the Plaut’s house, you need to use “56 Moore Rd, Trescott Township”.
  • *If you need groceries, we recommend stopping at the Hannaford in Machias (the link goes to a map you can zoom in on).  Where Court St. (Rt 1A) T’s into Rt. 1, go right on Rt.1 instead of left. Follow Rt.1 through town, across the Machias River, up the hill past the University of Maine at Machias, and up and down some little hills. You’ll see a McDonald’s and a Rite Aid on the left; the grocery store in the big plaza to the right. When you’re done, go back the way you came and just stay on Rt. 1 North.


  1. Hannafords may have produce, but Suzanne’s garden as well as Carly’s garden will have FRESH ORGANIC produce and by buying from Carly you will be supporting a local farmer and neat person with three wonderful children all of whom will squirrel their way into your hearts whilst you are here.

    • Great–where can we find Carly and her garden?

  2. Carly is a kayak ride across the bay from Suzanne’s garden. Seriously. Or, you can just drive around the bay.

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