There aren’t any Super 8’s in Lubec, but here are some other options.  The wedding will be on the grounds of Quoddy House, out on West Quoddy Head (near Quoddy Head State Park), which is a 10 or 15 minute drive from Lubec proper.  Note that there is a music camp for adults which runs all summer in Lubec and those folks tend to fill up the vacation housing quite early.  We recommend making reservations to stay somewhere as soon as possible.

Housing at/near the wedding site on Quoddy Head – we have reserved these places, and have redistributed the costs somewhat.  Here is a table of housing costs – use the comments section below to reserve your room/bed.

  • The old Coast Guard Station on Quoddy Head is reserved Wednesday 8/25 – Sunday 8/29, and is where we’ll be staying Wednesday – Sunday.  We didn’t rent it for the whole week because it’s pricey.  The main house and each of the apartments has a kitchen, there are washing machines, and there is wi-fi and lots of water for campers to shower with.  It’s maybe a 10 minute walk from Quoddy House.
  • Quoddy House –  This house is *at* the wedding, and we’re hoping the folks who stay here will be amenable to hosting late-night activities that night.  We have reserved the house from Sunday 8/22 through Monday 8/30, so if you can come all week, this is the spot.  It also means we have a place for anyone staying Sunday night. The house has huge fields and a gorgeous view of Lubec and Campobello.
  • Marie Olson’s house – On the other side of the Coast Guard Station from Quoddy House, but still walkable.  Reserved Sunday 8/22 – Sunday 8/29.


  • at the wedding site – you are welcome to pitch a tent at Quoddy House or at the Coast Guard Station (see below).  Be aware that camping on Quoddy Head is likely to be damp.
  • at the Plaut farm – lots of fields, privacy, and it’s somewhat warmer than out at Quoddy Head.  There is also less fog at the farm than on Quoddy Head, though it can always rain.
  • Cobscook Bay State Park – a 20 minute drive from Lubec, right on scenic (and usually calm) Cobscook Bay.  The Plaut farm is a 20-minute paddle across from the Park!
  • South Bay Campground – in Lubec, RV hookups and a gorgeous view; 591 County Rd, Lubec, ME‎ – (207) 733-1037‎

Motels and B&B’s in Lubec:

  • Eastland Motel – on Rt. 189 near Lubec, 19 rooms with 1-2 double beds, $75-85/night, call 207-733-5501
  • Peacock House – downtown Lubec, $95-$135/night.  There may be one room left.
  • Homeport Inn -downtown Lubec, $95-$115/night – this is definitely the swankiest joint in Lubec. It is one of the only B&B’s in the area with a dining room, which is the nicest restaurant around. **Update: 5 of 7 rooms already reserved!**
  • Betsy Ross House – downtown Lubec, $95/night
  • Cohills Inn – downtown Lubec, $95-$135/night

Houses for rent by the week -there are a bunch here; I’ve listed some of them below (with 2009 prices). There are very few dining choices in Lubec so having a kitchen is nice!  The first three are the closest to the wedding site.

  • Young’s by the Sea – cottage for 4, on the road to Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec (close to road so maybe not good for small kids). Pets $50 deposit; $650/week
  • Victorian for 6 – also on the road to Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, $1150/week
  • Oceanside Bay Cottage – $800/week, sleeps 5

Other towns in the area with accommodations:
Campobello Island is just over the bridge from Lubec. It’s in New Brunswick, Canada so you have to deal with Customs and bring your passport, but it’s beautiful and there are a number of places to stay there.

is the nearest “big” town, about half an hour from Lubec. It has a hospital, Hannaford Brothers grocery store, Rite Aid pharmacy, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s. Just in case. There are accommodations listed here, but stay away from anything that’s not in Machias, East Machias, or Lubec – it could be pretty far! Here are some hotel/motels for those just looking to stay a few nights:

  • Riverside Inn & Restaurant – in East Machias, about 25 minutes drive. The food here is amazing supposedly.
  • Machias Motor Inn – in Machias, right next to Helen’s Restaurant. $100/night
  • Margaretta Motel – Rt 1 Machias ME 207-255-6671
  • Bluebird Motel – Rt 1 Machias ME 207-255-3332
  • The Blue Butterfly B&B – 46 High Street, Machias, Maine 04654 – one room!

Cutler – it exists and it’s about as far as Machias, but I could only find one B&B there. If you find more, let me know!



  1. To reserve a room in one of the “on-site” houses, leave a comment such as:

    LeRoy and Jen claim the master bedroom in the Station House, or

    LeRoy’s family is staying at Ocean Breezes.

    Easy peasy!

  2. Dan is flying solo and staying for the whole week. Seems like the room with a twin bed at Marie Olson’s fits the bill, yeah? Sign me up.

  3. Dave and Adelia are reserving the upstairs study at the Old Coast Guard Station. Thanks Jen and Leroy!

    • It looks like we’re not going to need this room after all, so anyone else is welcome to the upstairs study (it has a twin bed).

  4. Dave, Becca, and Jesse will be coming no later than Wednesday. We like the queen or full upstairs room at the Station House (would also consider the twin room), assuming the Station House is baby friendly. We are completely flexible if you’d like to put all the young ones elsewhere.

  5. bob, celeste and anna would also like the station house or whichever room you’d like to puts us in in the lodge. we will definitely be there wed-sun, but maybe from sunday before

  6. Josh plans to head up there Monday, and Lissett & Nicholas to join up on Thursday. So, ideally, we’d have a twin room for Mon-Wed nights, and then a double for Thurs-Sat nights, at the Station and or Marie Olsen’s. If that’s too complicated, we’ll take any room at either place with at least a double bed for Mon-Sat nights.

  7. jessica, rambod, yvonne & gavin would like to claim the yeaton room in the coast guard lodge for wednesday-saturday nights. can’t wait!

    • Hooray!!! I’m all smiles and belly-kicks!!!

  8. matt charlotte and alice would like to hit whichever station house room isn’t full of dave-becca-jesses or bob-celeste-annas. no need for a pile-up. thanks!

  9. Heath and Shanti have claimed the Washington apartment – woohoo!

  10. I would like to take “Downstairs bedroom 1” at the Quoddy House, and I am 110% willing to have parties there.

    If it turns out that this is bad because I am only one person and two people can fit in the bed, then I accept being relocated to one of the beds in the communal Quoddy room.

    But I snore and talk in my sleep.

  11. Michal and I would like to split either Kimball or Jefferson rooms at the lodge. These rooms have 2 queen size beds. pls get in touch with me at jonasmparker@gmail.com.

  12. From Jen’s mom: ( hanging out with Ethan and Vanessa while waiting for Hungry to arrive).

    I’m VERY excited seeing your responses and looking forward to meeting you in August- it makes August 28th seem closer and more “real”.

    Station house rooms have fillled with couples with little ones………. with one more couple/child wanting to be there (J,L,+N) that can stay at Marie’s (or one of the lodges).

    Some folks staying at Station may be able to come a little earlier than Wed (when Sta. is available), but I am sure there will be empty beds at Quoddy House or elsewhere earlier in the week.

  13. We’re really looking forward to this wedding. We will be staying at the Home Port Inn in Lubec from Wednesday to Sunday. Steve and Margeen Mau will be there, too.

  14. Jessie, Aaron, Jeanette, and Allan snagged the last room in Lubec for the weekend – at the Betsy Ross. Can’t wait!

  15. Josh, Lissett, and Nicholas are taking the queen room at Marie Olson’s.

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