If you want to share a rental car from Bangor or Portland, start a thread!  Ridesharing could also work if you plan on taking West Bus to get Downeast but will need a way of getting around once you arrive.  People can still share cars, but nobody has to make multiple trips to Bangor.

If we can help with rideshare logistics, please ask!

clown car



  1. Adelia and Dave are renting an RV out of Boston Tuesday morning, and driving north. We’d be more than happy to bring along anyone who wants to leave from Boston Tuesday morning/afternoon, or pick up anyone in Portland tuesday afternoon. We may not make it all the way to Lubec tuesday night, so we might also be able to pick up people in Bangor on wednesday morning. Email me if you want a ride!

  2. Any drivers out there interested in sharing a ride to/fro Bangor airport and Lubec, leaving Bangor the am of Thurs 8/26? I’ll have a toddler in tow.

  3. Ethan and I are getting into Bangor on Saturday, Aug. 21 at 2:53pm and would love to carpool/share a rental car with folks. We are leaving Sunday evening, 8/29 to catch a 5am flight out of Bangor the following Monday. Please email if interested! vanessascurcigmailcom

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